Moodle Blocks – did you know?

One in a series of mini-tutorials originally emailed to busy colleagues.
  • You can modify the ‘blocks’ that appear on the left and right sides of your Moodle course/s (e.g. the calendar block).
  • You can move blocks up and down or left and right by clicking the arrow moodle_arrows1  icons (or clicking and dragging for Ajax enabled interfaces).
  • You can hide blocks from students by clicking the eye moodle_eye icon.
  • You can remove blocks from the front page of your course/s by clicking the delete moodle_x icon.
  • You can’t actually ‘delete’ a block; rather, it is simply returned to a blocks repository.
  • There are many blocks that you can add to your course simply by selecting them from the blocks repository that always appears (when editing is turned on) as the bottom block on the right side of your course.
  • You can learn more about blocks here:
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