Cyber Safety

Even before the recent cyber bullying bruhaha at another Sydney girls school, we’ve been taking cyber safety pretty seriously at Kambala. Initiatives have included presentations by Greg Gebhart to staff and parents and Tom Woods to Year 10 students. In pastoral care we are endeavouring to raise student awareness of cyber safety issues, such as the importance of keeping personal information private, especially when using social networking services like Facebook. The problem with such initiatives is that they tend to be sporadic whilst students are online daily. In an effort to keep these issues ‘in their faces’ we’ve set up a ‘Cyber Safety’ course space on our Moodle site with a prominent link on the site’s front page. More importantly, we’ve begun to embed topical videos using the News Forum on the site’s Front Page where it is virtually impossible for students not to see them. Besides the ‘Wise Up to IT‘ series produced by the ACMA, we’ll be using videos such as the one embedded below. Any recommendations of other quality videos on the topic of cyber safety would be gratefully received.


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